MEGA VISION is an HDTV based ULTRA-WIDE HIGH DEFINITION VISUAL SYSTEM with an aspect ratio of up to 48:9 (3 x HDTV) and no distortion or image seams.

MEGA VISION Image Sample

MEGA VISION's Unique Characteristics:
the ultimate ultra-high-resolution & ultra-high-definition (3 x HDTV = 6.22 megapixels) "natural" image .
standard camera operation for pan, tilt, zoom, etc.
compatible with off-the-shelf HDTV equipment / solutions / services (cameras, recording/playback systems, transmission/communications networks, display systems, etc.).
supports full digital processing.
supports creation of regular image content (HDTV / DVD quality (SDTV) / QVGA, etc) from the ultra-wide high definition image.
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Article:  SBIR Case Study
MEGA VISION is featured as a case study (Japanese only) of businesses developed with assistance from the SME Agency's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) system.
[Updated Oct. 17, 2007]
Display:  "Guinness Record"
                              World's Largest Display

The MEGA VISION image is being displayed as full screen content for "New Turf Vision", a permanently installed all weather ultra-wide (W66.4m x H11.2m) outdoor display at the JRA's Tokyo Racecourse. (from Oct.7, 2006).
[Updated Oct. 7, 2006]
Display:  SAMURAI BLUE 2006
Highlights of the Japanese National Team's matches at FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 are being shown as new MEGA VISION content at the Japan Football Museum's "The Virtual Stadium". (from Aug.9, 2006).
[Updated Aug. 9, 2006]
Display:  Tokyo Motor Show 2005
The MEGA VISION image was shown as the main stage image of the "Mitsubishi Motors" booth. (Oct.10-Nov6., 2005).
[Updated Oct. 22, 2005]
Exhibition:  MEGA VISION exhibited at the "Security & Safety Trade Expo 2005" (Oct.18-21, 2005: Tokyo Big Sight).
[Updated Oct.1, 2005]
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